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  • Agustina Castro Lagonegro

    Agustina Castro Lagonegro

  • Daryaeletskikh


  • Saverio Rescigno

    Saverio Rescigno

  • Happy Co.

    Happy Co.

    Blane Fraser // Left-handed dad, husband & product designer. Passionate about delivering simple & unique digital experiences for modern companies.

  • Jaryd Snyman

    Jaryd Snyman

  • Jason Herrington

    Jason Herrington

    Co-founder & CPO of Gravvity. Focussed on creating a healthier, more empowering social media experience.

  • Jakub Resl

    Jakub Resl

    Freelance Graphic Designer / Photographer

  • Jason De Jesuz

    Jason De Jesuz

    22 year old Software Architect. Quant Trade. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast. Finding ways to better improve this world.

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