Why Small Teams Are More Productive

The two pizza theory

We’ve tested the pizza theory and provided Tim has had his oats and isn’t ravenous by lunch-time, our team is happily fed by two pizzas.

Introducing the team

Meet Tim

Tim is a Co-Founder and Head of Branding

Meet Ty

Ty is a Co-Founder and Head of Digital and Motion

Meet Carli

Carli is a budding UX and UI designer with a strong background in branding.

Meet Kallia

Girl Boss

Meet Mandi

Our chief of hygiene and safety

Our small team

What we love about our team is that each individual is equally as passionate and on the days when the creative juices just aren’t flowing, we recognise and motivate our team members rather than overlooking them in a crowd of employees. Keeping the studio small gives us more control over the quality of work, retaining consistency and individual growth which ultimately leads to progression. Each member of our team plays a role in our unique creative output by contributing their views, opinions, strengths and perspectives. And each person is individually recognised for their contribution.

How does this affect the way we work?

There are limitations that come with a small team and we aim for excellence in one field rather than capability in many. This is why we adopt a plug and play approach. We have formed relationships with developers, copy writers, digital marketers and cinematographers worldwide who plug into our team when a project requires their expertise.

Want to work with us?

Head over to our website www.malvah.co or contact hello@malvah.co to collaborate on your next project.



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We're a small Cape Town based design studio born through passion and fixated on progress. We create unique brand experiences on screen and on paper.